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From legendary chilean director alejandro jodorowsky come three visionary, surrealist classics, screening in stunning 4k restoration. Fando y lis is a film adaptation of a fernando arrabal play by the same name, and it is alejandro jodorowskys first featurelength film. Beloved by figures such as john lennon, dennis hopper and david lynch, jodorowsky is a unique and extraordinary figure in the cinematic landscape. Jodorowskys directorial debut, fando y lis, premiered at the 1968 acapulco film festival where the audience erupted in riot. But, it could be the film he never made that is his most famous project. Fando y lis failed to find an audience it was banned in mexico after a controversial film festival screening but jodorowskys second film fared far better. In 1968 he directed his first feature film, fando y lis fando and lis, which was based on a play by arrabal. You may exchange or request a refund for your entire order, less the convenience fee, through fandango up until the posted showtime. Download free alejandro jodorowsky fando y lis mp3 track. Screening at the ifi on monday february 10th 2020 at 18. Back in uk cinemas for a limited time from february 7, 2020 tells of young fando and his paraplegic sweetheart lis s journey through a series of surreal scenarios to find the enchanted city of tar. Forty years later fando y lis remains a triumph of lacerating audacity, a hysterical tale of fuckedup revolt that still pulses with dark life now. Fando and his crippled girlfriend lis are on a journey to the legendary magical city of tar where, both believe, lis will be able to walk and all their problems will be solved.

This surreal adventure is full of odd events and unusual people. Fando and his partially paralyzed lover lis search for the mythical city of tar. Titular couple fando sergio kleiner and his girlfriend lis diana mariscal, who is confined to a wheelchair, seek the mythical and paradisiacal city. Loosely based on a play by fernando arrabal, the movie follows the two title characters on a journey through an apocalyptic wasteland as they descend into madness. The film tells the story of a young couple fando and the handicapped lis who visit the city tar. Fando y lis official uk restoration trailer 4k view reddit by bennett1984 view source more. Visitors of subtitlesbank have given a rating of 7. Based on jodorowskys memories of a play by surrealist fernando arrabal. Alejandro jodorowsky fando y lis homer in the hedge. But, this movie is so damn confusing i dont even know if i could put it into words to my full capacity. Alejandro jodorowskys first fulllength film, fando y lis, was created from hazy memories of the controversial fernando arrabal play he staged in paris.

Back in uk cinemas for a limited time from february 7, 2020 tells of young fando and his paraplegic sweetheart liss journey through a series. In 1967, jodorowsky directed his first feature, fando y lis, in mexico. The film was shot in highcontrast blackandwhite on the weekends with a small budget and was first shown at the acapulco film festival in 1968. Fando y lis official uk restoration trailer 4kview reddit by bennett1984 view source. The thing about jodorowsky is not that his characters are looking for the meaning of life, rather they are seeking to give meaning to their lives. Navigating urban desolation, scorched deserts and towering mountains along the way, fando and the partially paralysed lis face disturbing characters and witness odd encounters that slowly drive them mad. When it premiered at the acapulco film festival in 1968, a riot broke out over what was perceived to be its blasphemous nature and the film was subsequently banned in mexico. Theres a new youtube show called quarantined with norm ma.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Along the way they meet all sorts of odd characters the only kind who inhabit the jodorowsky universe and fando tries to leave several times only to return repentant. Alejandro jodorowsky fando y lis mp3 track download. To mark the release of 4k restorations of 3 classics from alejandro jodorowsky, weve been given a quad poster to give away. Tags naughty boy stay down leather sm fando and lis fando y lis arrow video whip it whip tough tough cookie fight self defence jodorowsky alejandro jodorowsky whipped beat down. Alejandro jodorowskys debut, fando y lis takes us on a surrealist trip through jodorowskys id, long before he had the kind of budget or resources or really, ideas, that allowed him to. In 1968, jodorowsky shot his first feature film fando y lis in mexico. Fando y lis at eye film in amsterdam eye eye filmmuseum. Fando y lis official uk restoration trailer 4k youtube. Fando y lis is alejandro jodorowskys first featurelength film, based on a play of the same name by fernando arrabal. Theres a lot about fando y lis that i want to say, because i thoroughly enjoyed the film. The film discusses finding the city of tar, or to my interpretation was another example of selfenlightenment somewhat similar to reaching the holy mountain, another one of jodorowskys films.

Often venerated as the ultimate cult film director, the chilean artist shot. Well refund your credit card or we can credit your fandango account to use for another movie. With fans like john lennon, jodorowskys unique style has been a favorite of cult cinema for the last forty years. Fando y lis il paese incantato clip di alejandro jodorowsky.

Get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music sports gaming. Fando y lis is a road story, which follows fando, and his paraplegic sweetheart lis, through urban rubble, and desert badlands, looking for an unattainable, enchanted city, called tar. Fando and his paralyzed lover, lis, journey across a desert and encounter a gang of transvestites, blood drinkers, and a man playing a burning piano. The film provoked a riot when it debuted at the 1968 acapulco film festival. It is an adaptation of a play of the same name by fernando arrabal, who was working with jodorowsky on performance art at the time. Youll have to complete your refund and exchange before the posted showtime indicated on your ticket.

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