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Well i dont think he could actually be the drowned god. Grrm who is a staunch atheist bringing an actual god into this after all this work seems unlikely. It was apparently made up by princess shireen baratheon. Patchface was originally brought to westeros by stannis father, lord steffon baratheon, and was the only survivor of a shipwreck that took the life of steffon, along. Further, the drown gods prophets are consistently right patchface predicted the red wedding, joffs murder, and other events that came true throughout. It is mostly believed that patchface became prophetic after drowning. Bloodraven has one red eye, and of course, is a crow in dreams. The drowned god and the tides of religion i cant possibly. This is the fashion in the free city of volantis for slaves and servants.

As significant as melissandre, quaithe, moqorro, or any prophetic character. So, heres why i think the red priest dislike the drowned god. The seven has never shown any real power and the red god is like a merchant who give you when you burn people for him. Multiple times throughout the novels, the red priest call the drowned god a thrall for the great other. Either way, patchface, the prophet of the drowned god, has a clear. Game of thrones season 3 episode 9 the rains of castamere.

Some fans have gone as far to say that patchface is an avatar of sorts for the drowned god, which would explain why melisandre sees him in her flames surrounded by skulls, lips red. As patchface apparently drowned but was revived, and makes frequent references to events underwater, it is theorized he may be connected to the drowned god of the ironborn. Most of his visions take place under the sea and his vocabulary, which features fish, mermaids, merwives, starfish, crabs, seahorses, seashells and the like, is difficult to decipher. Mel, the others, ice spiders, death the armorers breath was frosting as it blew from his broad, flat nose. In this manner, the religion of the drowned god is closer to a qualified monotheistic setup, much like the worship of rhllor which has one god and the wicked evil other. That somehow the event or the drowned god gave him the power of prophecy. Patchface one of the more misunderstood characters in a song of ice and fire is patchface, the fool who capers and cavorts for the amusement of stannis court. I also suspect that mallisandre is actually not the worshipper of god of light but actually a servant of lord of darkness. The ironborn believe that the drowned god brought fire from the sea and gave it to man. The one and only true religion of the the ironborn and the iron islands. The devil and the deep green see lucifermeanslightbringer.

Game of thrones histories and lore the drowned god by yara. The rhllor priest that victarion takes on board says that the drowned god is an extension of the god or darkness which may account for melisandres evil visions around him. Waterprobably three, because it would be just like grrm to draw a line between a mentally damaged, fat, tatooed clowncreep and jesus chr. Spoilers all think patchface has met the drowned god. They had taken him for dead, but then he coughed up water, albeit broken in mind and body. Its always summer under the sea is a song in the world of game of thrones. Patchfaces prophecies have come true in the past predicted the red wedding so it is worth looking at. The drowned god is an very unique one a harsh deity and his religion is a harsh one, favoring reaving and plundering in its name. Patchface is aa reborn a forum of ice and fire a song of. Red priests of rhllor see their visions in the flame. Spoilers all a twist on a popular patchface theory. In his youth, he was a clever boy with astonishing wit. The ironborn believe that the red comet is a flame the drowned god has brought forth from the sea, which proclaims a rising tide for the ironborn.

A genuinely terrifying patchface theory the sudden storm. Its always summer under the sea game of thrones wiki. Cressen is a maester of the citadel, a man of learning assigned to a castle to advise its inhabitants in matters of science and medicine. Patchface drowned and was resurrected after a few days. Weve seen multiple resurrections damphair, patchface, any drowned priest that cannot be easily explained i believe damphair and patchface were dead at least for a little while. Those who only know about a song of ice and fire through the hbo tv show havent had the pleasure of meeting patchface, a roly. My theory, instead, is that under the sea refers to the land of always winter. The drowned god is the deity worshiped on the iron islands. The last topic i posted discussed the origins of the ironborn myth of the grey king, his sacrificial drowning and rebirth and its parallels to a christlike figure, a mortal avatar of their drowned god. May 17, 2016 but unless youve read the books, youre missing out on patchface, coldhands, and vargo hoat. Drowned god conspiracy of the ages 1click install windows 10, 8, 7, vista, xp inscape 1996 my promise my games are genuine, install in one step, look, sound and play in windows 10, 8, 7, vista and xp like they did in the old days, or your money back. Game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, hp lovecraft duration. Take these trivia game of thrones quiz questions and answers to see how much you know about the hit tv show. Cressen has served lord stannis baratheon at dragonstone for many years.

The drowned god, deep ones, squishers or perhaps a mermaid. Everyone aboard ship was killed including the lord, his lady, and over 100 soldiers and sailors. These gods all have plans apparently and it is mighty convenient for patchface to end up on the wall if he is controlled by the drowned god and therefore the dark god. Patchface takes his name for the tattoos covering his broad face and bald head, marked in a pattern of green and red squares. If there is a cohesive story in this game, we couldnt find it. Even patchfaces patchy face combines the red of the priests of rhllor with the green of the drowned men. Many times have you lived before, so use wisely your intuition and your wit. We also know the old gods are valid because of whatever the hell is going on with bran stark.

How is patchface connected to white walkers, deep ones, and greyscale. The net effect is that the story which made this game so intriguing in the first place is almost totally lost, and that is a shame. Drowned god was published sometime in 1996 and sailed forth to wreak havoc on the composure of many of the prophets of adventure gaming. Why are there so many similarities between the faith of the drowned god and that of the lord of light. He died trying to trick melisandre into sharing a poisoned cup of wine with him. Is he a harmless fool or the avatar of the drowned god. Alt shift x theorizes that the drowned god revived patchface after the fool drowned in the waters off dragonstone in a shipwreck that killed 100 baratheon men, plus. Patchface the fool from the game of thrones books is the. North of the wall was a sea of darkness that seemed to stretch forever. Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the amazon community. The game propounds the conspiracy theory that all of human history is a lie and that the human races development and evolution were aided by extraterrestrials.

According to aeron greyjoy, it means that the people of the iron islands are meant to go into the world with fire and sword as the ironborn of old did. The drowned god also does not seem to be part of a pantheon, other than having an antagonist storm god whom the ironborn do not worship. Drowned god provides some unusual puzzle challenges imbedded in a disorganized hodgepodge of plot fragments relating to just about every conspiracy theory ever created. The red god, the drowned god, the seven, the old gods are all only magic interpreted by mortal men over an incredible long period of time. With that in mind, here are some of his sayings in no particular order that refer to under the sea.

Verses of the fool patchface february 6, 2016 february 6, 2016 vincethatwaspromised perhaps no one in a song of ice and fire is met with as much confusion as stannis baratheons fool patchface. Spoilers all are the faiths of rhllor and the drowned. Are they linked in some way, or is this a simple case of reading too much into the text. The drowned god norse mythology life of ice and fire. Patchface a carrier of greyscale blue winter roses. Bran the builder by building the wall and storms end is a sorta olympian of planetos. Feb 14, 2016 patchface is very significant in this story. Dec 27, 2017 is it possible that patchface the prophetic fool could have been one of those fallen dreamers. The novels include a character known as patchface, who, after being drowned, manages to predict the red wedding in a storm of swords and the coming of the white walkers in a dance with dragons. This may be why melisandre considers him dangerous, as she may associate the drowned god with the great other. Together with the north, where the worship of the old gods of the forest remains strong, the iron islands are one of the few regions of westeros not abiding by the main religion of the seven kingdoms, the faith of the seven. Children are initiated into the faith by being drowned in sea water and resuscitated. The religion of the drowned god is old, dating back to before the coming of the andals, and the attempts of the andal invaders to supplant it with the seven all failed. Melissandre says shes seen him in her flames, that he is dangerous.

Patchface was brought to westeros from volantis by lord steffon baratheon, the father. Patchface washed up three days later, his naked skin white, wrinkled, and, the man that found him, jommy, swears to his dying day that the fools skin was clammy cold. Game of thrones histories and lore the drowned god by. Aug 06, 2015 he becomes a priest of the drowned god after nearly facing his death during greyjoys rebellion, and is also known as damphair.

Princess shireen baratheon is singing this song to herself in her chamber at dragonstone, when her father king stannis baratheon arrives to see her. He makes is first appearance in a clash of kings to bring theon greyjoy, sent by robb stark to negotiate an alliance, before balon. Go back up to the theater floor and turn right to the stairs. Conspiracy of the ages is a 1996 science fiction adventure game developed by epic multimedia group and published by inscape. Maybe patchface truly drowned and was resurrected by the drowned god. Alt shift x theorizes that the drowned god revived patchface after the fool drowned in the waters off dragonstone in a shipwreck that killed 100 baratheon men, plus the parents of robert, stannis. Cressen was the maester of dragonstone and a servant of stannis baratheon. In his case, this means that his face is covered in red and green.

Go through it and continue forward, through some watery sounding areas, to the man in the iron mask. It feels good to go through the theories as we wait for a winds of winter. While all washedup corpses are swollen, patchfaces skin was white, wrinkled and powdered with wet sand, with no sign of swelling. After maester cressen states that rhllor has no power here, the red woman. Moqorro and melisandre both state that he is nothing more than a thrall, but why. Seeing as patchface is from volantis and contemporary to everyone elses lifetime in the series, that theory can pretty much be debunked, in my opinion. Additionally, the priests of rhllor wear flame red, which patchface is suggesting would show up under the sea as green, blue, and black, the colors worn by the priests of the drowned god. The wild world of game of thrones fan theories, part 2. The drowned god, also known as he who dwells beneath the waves,1 is a sea deity worshipped by the ironborn of the iron islands in westeros. Sep 12, 2018 well, patchface needs his own episode, thats all i can say, but weve already taken a quick look at him in the sacred order of green zombies series, and we remember that he is a stag man with red and green patchwork tattoos on his face who mysteriously drowned at sea and washed on shore three days later to be reborn.

An indepth analysis of a clash of kings by george r. Patchface and the mermaids kiss revisited blue winter roses. Patchface and the drowned god general asoiaf a forum of ice. Jan 20, 2018 why are there so many similarities between the faith of the drowned god and that of the lord of light.

Balon refuses the alliance terms, and sends theon and aeron to raid stony shore. The drowned god is real with powers similar to rhllor. Grrm wrote on one of those little towerofthehand blurbs that the drowned god was an ironborn king. Drowned god, the storm god lightning, the weirwood looks like fire red leaves and light white wood, and others have the ability to burn with ice. Apr 23, 2018 according to melisandre, patchface is some kind of agent of the great other, the cold, clammy god of death in her religion. Stannis jester patchface is an emissary for the drowned god. It was anticipated with great expectation, in that it would give insight into mysteries which arose at times when there were no explanations forthcoming for unusual events. Ive seen the theory on here that patchfaces prophecies are a prediction from the drowned god, and that under the sea means in death.

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