Bush goat book upside down

This widely circulated photo of president george w. Within a few weeks, a blogger named peter smith tracked down the correct name and origin as a reading exercise by engelmann. Here is the full video of bush s seven minutes of silence. What was the name of the children book, george bush was. I though the story about the upside down pet goat was strange but this is even freakier. I would guess your child doesnt recognize specific letters yet if so, wow. If the pet goat photo serves as an indictment, perhaps the intention of this photo is to normalize the situation, finessing the issue of whether bush should have stayed the extra ten minutes or not.

Jun 30, 20 in the top image, bush and a young child are both reading from america. Reading books upside down is an ancient illuminati ritual. The girl and the goat were playing in the backyard. If im not mistaken wasnt he reading a book upside down to school kids in a classroom on 9112001.

Ten years later, the children who were reading to the president the moment he learned our nation was under attack are reflecting on the day. When the planes struck the word trade center in september 2001, bush was inside a classroom reading the book my pet goat to children. Of course, the title of the video refers to this, and in particular how he was informed on camera about 911. On the morning of this day in 2001, president george w. Youre just changing the conversation as soon is its become obvious that are very rational explanations for what you just linked to. The girl and her goat were playing in the back yard. Bush holding a childrens book upside down top was doctored shortly after he appeared.

The bush mantra is done evil has found a willing servant. In victorian times upsidedown torches the inverted torch symbolizes death, the burning flame which normally would be extinguished when the torch was turned upsidedown symbolizes the flame of eternal life and the christian belief in resurrection. Bush reads book upsidedown books to read, practical jokes. His aide, andy card, did not even wait for bush to reply with additional questions, orders for the air force or to inquire if this would cut short the photo op. This is a serious symbol and almost guarantees involvement in satanism. In this one it appears that bush is holding the book upside down. Such is the growing blur between real and fake, exley says, that, in a few years, everybody will start ignoring photos. To many of us, as familiar as we are about that day, this photo might primarily remind us of.

He bent his head down and started to run for the robber. That george bush had plans to invade afghanistan on his desk before 911 demonstrates only the value of being prepared. Was 911 2001 a major occult sacrificial ritual occult trinity 3 towers down and 3 up in 2012 2001. On 911 when bush was reading to the children why do you. Im not sure if this is an me but i seem to remember a big thing about how the book was upside down like he had grabbed it really quick to make it look like he was reading the story because he was actually at the school so that people would not make a connection with him or the. In black magic, it is called the footprint of the devil or the goat of mendes as the inverted pentagram looks like a goats head. He told bush that america is under attack us news 9 11 eight. Bush was reading in a florida classroom on the morning of september 11, 2001, at the moment he learned of the terrorist. Bushs 911 school visit pushed pet goat into spotlight.

A 15 month old isnt really reading a book, but rather copying the physical action and body language she sees people around her doing with regards to books. George bush holding book upside down fake photograph. The bush shot with an upsidedown book is one of these. Bush being told the second tower had been hit bush stayed in a second grade classroom for almost another half hour instead of performing his ostensible duties as commanderinchief. While he was reading this book, the elementary school children were reciting these words. Bush reads my pet goat upsidedown on 911 video dailymotion. Nature took course and as of now we are up to around 40 registered myotonic goats. A couple years later we moved to our home now and inherited a doe and buck from the owners. In the top image, bush and a young child are both reading from america.

How bush was able to read my pet goat if he had the book. Hannas upside down fainting goats is located south of indianola, iowa. Earlier, bush had been on the way from his hotel to the school in his motorcade when an aide called him to report that a passenger jet had crashed into the north tower at 8. Booker elementary school in sarasota county, florida, reading. Public attention to the pet goat first came to the fore with michael moores 2004 documentary fahrenheit 911, though the film called it my pet goat and called it a book. Why george bush sat there reading my pet goat after the. From the classroom with bush on the morning of 911. But they made a mistake, if you compare the books, the right side of bush s book has been vertically flipped in the wrong direction. Bush reads my pet goat in fahrenheit 911 by michael moore on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the.

Then an altered version of the photo hit the internet. Found in rock groups such as venom, slayer, and others. If it werent a manipulated image, it could have come about because an aide handed the book to president bush for a quick schoolroom photo opportunity, the president didnt immediately notice it. The pet goat reading book, which bush held upside down while reading, is baphomet aka lucifer aka the devil aka satan. The pet goat is a gradeschool level reading exercise composed by american educationalist. When bush was at the school on 911 being warned about the attact this was all a staged event. The occultist turned it upside down as a sign of mockery to christ and to represent their opposite views. A hoaxer was horizontally and vertically flipped the book around. Notice how he is supposed to reading the book to the kids but the book is upside down. Shown here is the cover of the childrens reading book that contained the short story, that president bush held on sept. A patriotic primer by lynne cheney wife of vicepresident cheney.

Does this photograph show president bush reading a book. How bush was able to read my pet goat if he had the book upside down. As soon as the words have been shouted out the presidents aide lean in and gives bush the news whatever he might have told him. A pan odyssey deciphering the satanic luciferian bush mantra. One of the most famous pictures of president abraham lincoln was in.

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